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Friday, 17 December 2010

I've been arting!

 This picture really inspires me! How awesome is the row of figures. I would love a replica of these. I may have to create my own sculptures instead. I'm sure I will at some point.

In the mean time i've just become a  member of  Suzi Blu's - Petite Dolls. Stay tuned amazing things to come! (lets hope so anyway).
I'm sourcing all my artful goodies from the US and can't wait to learn Suzi's techniques and get to the colouring and shading tutorials.  I have a brain-space full of ideas already brewing! Look out world!!! Abundant art spurting out in 2011!!!
Above is an article from National Geographic Magazine that i've loved for ages. Check out my version below of the "scared weird little guys", i'll be cutting them out and adding them to various backgrounds, then i'm gonna hand them around for HitchHiker atcs. Imagine a page of the little penis's staring back from my album!!!
I'd be happy to exhange "Hitchhikers" (also "Jams") outside our local swap. You can email me begmychicken@hotmail.com
I can just imagine what my cheeky friends will come up with.
My daughter (chuckling) would not look at my naked men doodles, ha ha ha.What are your thoughts?!?

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