Have you walked your penguin today?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Waiting for change

IN PROGRESS -  Lashing Out

Not sure the rest of the world will get to share this journal page when it gets finished. I have a bit of stuff to say that some might find offensive. That's the beauty of journaling, hey? Lets just say, its time to make some changes!
I did scribble all over the background but i wasnt too happy with it. It needed to be painted over and re-done. The manager of our complex asked me if i was doing paper tole?!?! hmmmm

I am very happy to report that i picked up some additional Magazines this morning from the op shop (i was only 5 minutes late for work). Best 80 cents i spent in a while.

Happened apon an Australian National Geographic chockas full of PENGUINS. Yep stay tuned the little gliders are sure to frequent many future pages! 


lyn said...

AWESOME creation there chick!! You seriously are on fire women! You may have a few more ppl poppin over to your blog, have put a mention of you on mine :D xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Tanya, Its penny (vickies sis) was oogling around your page. I have finished my march atc card ( i know its sad to have nothing to do except house work,Yukk) anyways I think we should suggest the theme for april atc to be one of them mag scrap cards,( would love to see all the different ones that arrive. anyways back to ironing..cheers

Sarah W said...

No honey, I have not walked my penquin today. Have you?
Haven't forgotten about you or your blog. Love it as always and most other things you do too.