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Friday, 19 February 2010

February ATCs

This is a first- i'm usually up 'till the early hours the night b4 our Monthly Live Swap finishing off cards.
I started "Whooos side are you on" immediately after last months swap with the best intentions but they (the ATCs) got waylayed under piles of other projects. The prototype is still missing :(
The owl stamp I got on our last trip to Sydney. I agonised over whether to buy it or not. Glad I did !
I really liked Teesha's idea of printing of images from ur collages and re-using them. Rekon i'll do that again soon.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

Aww I love the owl one :) hope I get one of those xx

Tan in a tree is me said...

Theres one coming to you, Alyssa :)