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Saturday, 30 January 2010

"My Sisters Eyes"- journal page 4

It kinda evolved from a card to a page...

Here's my newest collage, thought i'd get busy and create a birthday card for my sister, Bren. She's having a big one this year!!
Her birthday isn't til October but sometimes (usually) these things take time. Much to my surprise the page is already complete!!!

So much fun cutting little treasures and oddments. Bren was up here at Christmas time and was at the table when i was creating my first lot of collages. I hope to pump out heaps more this year.


Lady Di said...

Where'd the inspiration for "Skanky" come from?? Love the page, it's gorgeous.

Tan in a tree is me said...

Thanx Di, It's a bit in-house, my sister is far from "Skanky". Should've read it before I cut it up, it was an advertisement for Vibe Hotels- "Swanky not Wanky"!! Love it.