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Saturday, 19 September 2009

"My Kokeshi"

These are my latest fascination, Kokeshi dolls i'm hooked!!
Wonder why I insist on having a few creative drinks the night before live swaps. Thank god the footy was on tonight or there would be no way i would've had these lot done by morning! Have not spent too much time creating lately- that i plan to change :)
What a day... Hours n hours sitting at Allanah's karate tournament (proud mum of a daughter sporting a new rather impressive trophy), usually i take some creative stuff along to occupy me - not enough time to get that organised this morning waking up to 6 little vampires who had hardly slept a wink!!!
Thankfully its only nearly 10:30 and there are a few hours left before sleepy time to get the "Vintage Babies" cards finished off, fingers crossed they'll be ready by the morning. Off to google the perfect quote... sweet dreams ♥

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Lady Di said...

Congratulations Allanah ... was worth the day out then I see. Hope Rhianna had a great birthday party. Love the cards and I didn't have a drink last night 'cause I'm up early to go to Bootcamp again this morning ... see you at the swap. (PS, I don't have any vintage babies or the Wizard of Oz one's I promised I'd make ... maybe next month).