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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Recycled Cardboard

I stumbled across an article in one of Sarah's, Cloth Paper Scissors magazines. Just had to have a go at making one of these gorgeous little houses. Sat at the table on Saturday night and scrapped together my version from a cardboard box. Now im a bit addicted these two are the most recent versions i am working on, the bigger one is a drawing pad for Claire's 6th Birthday. Totally addicted, love em. xoxo


lyn said...

wow this is cool hun, bring it on thursday so i can get closer look, and know wat it is exactly, wish i had of been there sat night :( xoo

Lady Di said...

These look great, I think it would be cool to see them in the flesh.

Sarah W said...

It is stunning, I love my one too. you have done an awesome job.

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