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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

monkey business

Hello Lovelies!!
been making stuff with my sock monkey fabric. Had It stashed away for a long time unsure what to do with it.

But my best friend is having a baby in 5 weeks time and I wanted to make something for him. Tah Dah!!! the cover is removable but only just, I put the join in the back and it was near impossible to get the insert in. Must remember to put the join close to the end for next time. You can just see the robot one I made for Jed (in the above photo) when he was tiny, they are such a practical thing for nursing and propping. Not my best making effort but hopefully will get some use :)

I also made up these little hot /cold rice packs. I plan to sell them just not sure when where or how much yet... aren't they gorgeous!!

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