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Monday, 17 May 2010

Far out - it's been ages !!!

I'm currently relocating my "scrap crap" back into the garage, the whole family is excited as we can almost see the top of the dining table again!
My new studio is freezing but I'm not going to complain -its big and I'm inspired every time I step inside. Who am I kidding, it's TOTALLY AWESOME.

In amongst the carnage I dug out an old clock I had intended to Up-Do. And then I got carried away and altered some other stuff too...  (the clock is my favourite)
Seems I am in love with my Asian Doll stamps all over again.

My studio is my place away from it all, I wonder how people cope with life when they have no creative outlet?!?!


Sarah W said...

Yee ha, she is blogging again. Looking forward to seeing your new studio, and table LOL. Bring bring my album to Coffee.

Nightowl said...

Nothing wrong with living in a box...wait until the tv, lounge, computer, craft section, exerise equipment and your favourite bits and pieces adorn the walls...HOLD UP that's my BOX... Go the garage!!!! only advice to you Tan is get a heater, it's getting cold out here. Great to see you finding your own space again and it's always nice to find items that you haven't used in a long time...I like both your little Doll projects.

Tan in a tree is me said...

Am dragging out the heater tonight!! I also have a thermometer in the garage that I can alter and add an Asian Doll stamp or two to xoxo