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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

100 ATC theme ideas

I used to have a link to a site that listed 100 different ATC themes, I can't find it.
Been looking around for a while, have decided to write my own.

Its harder than I thought!!! so far here are 50.

Go on I DARE YOU, no I CHALLENGE you!!!!

(what's a bet I can't stop think thinking now)
  1. friendship
  2. owls
  3. babushka dolls
  4. magazine collage
  5. cave men
  6. my childhood
  7. breaking news (today)
  8. trees
  9. snails
  10. pruney old people
  11. self portrait
  12. retro butterfly
  13. 100% recycled
  14. jelly bean colours
  15. rain
  16. castles
  17. soliders
  18. birds
  19. little people
  20. lady beetles
  21. origami
  22. one colour
  23. letterbox
  24. africa
  25. beautiful skeleton
  26. dolls
  27. serendipity
  28. love
  29. thru the window frame
  30. zetty
  31. interactive
  32. sleep
  33. penguins
  34. feathers
  35. horoscope/zodiac
  36. faces
  37. angels
  38. coffee
  39. playing card
  40. circus
  41. seasons
  42. mouse house
  43. sunday mornings
  44. medieval
  45. tick tock
  46. fish
  47. princes or princesses
  48. fairytales
  49. underpants
  50. wishing well
Have fun, make sure you add your own in the comments.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

Im in Tan :) I think id rather make some for myself for a change LOL.. Ill post them here or on my blog as I go lol xx

Tan in a tree is me said...

My friend Pam, who has yet to enter the blogging world just emailed me some more:

51. buttons
52. why
53. bottle caps
54. water
55. dotty
56. ugly
57. fish
58. up there

ill update the post when it gets to 100 (with credits of course!)
I came up with some more on a list somewhere too...

Thanx Pam

Dee said...

I like your list... some real good ones. LOL, underpants..love it! Will you mind if I make a list for my blog...trying not to copy yours of course? Here's some more for you.

Inspirational Woman
Music/Favorite Song

Tan in a tree is me said...

Hi Dee, thanx for stopping by and adding to the list. I must update my blog!!! I'll have to check out the list on your blog :)

Dee said...

Oh,thanks! I didn't even know if my comment had posted to your blog...couldn't see it. You have a great blog...hope you get back to doing regular posts. Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. Hey, since you like doing ATC's be sure to come over to MSR on the 21st and join the swap!