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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Already Hooked!

Our local ATC swap was held today at Helensvale, quite a few (ppl) down but great fun all the same. Very happy those who can not make it still manage to have their cards available to swap. 

 We decided on Magazine (no computers) for the November swap. My idea hit immediately, but as usual i have created something not at all related to my original thought.

Bloody random brain!!!

I love what i came up with anyway, just unhappy that they are one of a kind and i dont get a copy!
This collage stuff is FUN, FUN, FUN !!!


Sarah W said...

love them! You make it look so easy.

If you want a copy make sure you have two copies of the magazine LOL!

Tan in a tree is me said...

So funny, that"s what Kess said!!!
This form of ATC creating could be possibly more messy than Scrapbooking!!! should see my table :(
Anyone got a copy of Cosmopolitan from August 2009 ?!?!

Lady Di said...

Your ATCs are so gorgeous, I'd better get there early so I get first choice. I'm way too old to be buying Cosmo ...

Lady Di said...

There's an award for you on my blog chick, if you're interested. I also finished my magazine ATCs.