Have you walked your penguin today?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Optical Illusions ATC


There were soooo many images i wanted to use for this card.
I have wasted a few hours looking at images for the theme, even sites in other languages!!!!
have bookmarked a few sites. FASCINATING !
Hopefully I will get some others done in time for the next swap.
This card was really hard to photograph, tried to create it in 3 dimensions...
Can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with :)
Am off to dig out the exercise DVDs, this wet weather has been a great excuse for not being able to enjoy my walks. I'm on a quest for a treadmill (watching a couple on ebay), but if you know of anyone who's not using theirs and wants to loan or sell please lemme know!!! asap :)


Sarah W said...

This is awesome. Can't wait to get it. Love it.

lyn said...

OMG YOURS IS WAY AWESOME. cant wait to get it either, wowsas xo

Lady Di said...

Love your card and can't wait to get one. I've finished mine too, will post a little later. Haven't been checking blogs much (I noticed), but just read all your posts ... you're really into the groove again aren't you ... it's great to see.