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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Just Stuff ....

I ♥ my Asian Doll Stamps!!!!!

Soooooooooooo happy with my new stamps!!!! love em, love em, love em!!!!!!
Have got twenty kazillion ideas floating around my head...
I also bought the Babushka doll set, haven't played with those ones yet, but have some ideas churning ova!
Very inspiring!!!! Am stoked with how they came out on the lantern.
We (the girls n I) made these at a workshop for the Festival of Light, we took Kess with us last weekend.

Another fabulous weekend with Kess n the girls, life couldn't get much better!!!

NEW RELATIONSHIP !!!!!!Kess' "Soup Man" and my Voodoo Doll have found each other. Perfect match don't ya think? Kess has had Soup Man forever and I sent him the Voodoo Doll. Don't they go great together? Love is everywhere!!!

"Spreading a little bit of love around the world"

I found a really cool concept on Dottie's (?) blog, check it out and get involved- it's random hand-made gifting. Very selfless, love it!!!! Gonna get busy n add it to the to do list ...


I am still on the hunt for a reasonably priced meditating pyramid... no such luck yet... i'll keep looking, let me know if you know where you can get them for anything under $200 ??? $200 seems a bit rich, especially when it doesnt even fold up!

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