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Sunday, 27 April 2008

The latest prototypes

I have had the fun-est weekend creating ATCs. I am
in major production mode and lovin' it. Hate having
to mass produce everything so I'm thinkin' I may only
make a couple of each card....

Here they are

The Owl & The Pussy Cat,
minus The Pea Green Boat :(

swap "Cat"
Drawn in fabric paint
swap "Owl version II"
on transparent background

yet to receive their titles (top secret)
My first "Zentangle"
(I've done it Diana!!)

Personalised "Art Doll"
-("VeryKerri") Groovy Baby !


Lady Di said...

OMG, you've done an amazing job ... you know you can't just make 2, there's at least 4 of us who want copies of all your ATCs. They're fantastic - love 'em.

Lady Di said...

BTW I had to leave a separate post with a special WOW for your Zentangle. I just love it and I hope you made enough to swap.