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Saturday, 17 November 2007


Just close your eyes and keep your mind wide open.

Theres a fairy at the bottom of our garden,
or so my Mummy said,
with pretty wings that sparkle bright,
and a crown upon her head.
Her eyes as bright as diamonds,
her hair as gold as sun,
her dainty feet,
wet with the dew,
her laughter full of fun.
I know she watches me all day,
I know she's there at night,
I know that she looks after me as any fairy might.
As I play in the garden,
She stays so still and calm,
making sure that I am safe,
and coming to no harm.
I have sat and stared for hours,
at the place she's meant to be,
amongst the leaves and fallen twigs,
beneath that apple tree.
Even though I've never seen her,
and never spied her glow,
I know she really lives there,
'cause my Mummy told me so.
Submitted by Ann Dawson from Sussex,
UKe-mail: anngd@anngd.co.uk

The table is set and everything's ready.
My doll can sit over there next to teddy.
I invited two others to join us for tea,
but I guess it will have to be just us three.
I'll pour the tea and you serve the cake;
this is the one that Mom helped me bake.
It's time to clean up and put things away.
I'm so glad we could all get together today.
I really enjoyed it - I hope you did too.
Having tea parties is a fun thing to do.
Submitted by Marian L. Longfield

There are fairies in my garden,
lifting up their sleepy heads.
Fairies by the hundreds,
resting in the flower beds.
Wings bedecked with rainbow colors,
emerald green are all their clothes...
How did they come to be there?
No mortal really knows.
Melinda Robinson

by L.C. Gerstenfeld
Fleeting glimpses hard to find,
Imagined wonders of lovely kind.
In night times waking in pleasant dreams,
In the moon's gossamer, silver beams.
Fairies dance the night away,
Gone at dawn, in flight of day

We are all captives of the picture in our head -
our belief that the world we have experienced is the world that really exists.
~Walter Lippman

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